We launch the This Is Croydon Podcast

Stanley Arts presents the This Is Croydon podcast, this celebrates the Borough of Culture year 23/24. Back in 2018 Croydon won the bid to be the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2023, this is a year celebrating Croydon Talent.

We aim to amplify the voices of all the artists, community groups, and cultural organisations from across the borough who have come together to make sure our year in the cultural spotlight truly reflects the breadth of Croydon talent.

You will hear about the programme, how it has been brought together, and what you can expect from the year ahead.

In Episode One, we will be hearing from individuals working on the initial phase of Borough of Culture; hearing from the press launch, opening weekend, and getting a sneak peak at upcoming events in May (COMMONS festival) and June (Recognition.) 

Pictured are The Rt Revd Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Bishop of Croydon. Sophie Branscombe, Producer – London Borough of Culture & part of London Mozart Players. Councillor Andy Stranack and Virginia Smith from Croydon Council (Museum Service). During the series we will be joined by many many more!

A big thank you goes out to Arts & Community Producer, Vicky Olusanya and to Herbe Walmsley, Technical Production lead for the This Is Croydon podcast.

Listen to the episode below. Available on Spotify, Apple & Google.

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