Unscene: A Touch of Class

  • Location Stanley Arts

These performances were choreographed and performed by BirdGang Ltd as part of their commission for the show Unscene. Unscene is a production led by Zoo Co, as part of the NLHF funded heritage engagement programme at Stanley Arts. The pieces are each standalone, based in spaces at Stanley Arts which audiences may not usually spend time in, and some you may not even know existed! Each artist has taken inspiration from a huge wealth of history related to the building and its surrounding communities.

These dance pieces led by Sim “Kardinal” Campbell are inspired by the statues of the musicians associated with the building, and the aesthetic of the spaces such as the gallery. It’s a collection of pieces with a particular sound leaning toward classical, but with a BirdGang Ltd style. A celebration of the old & the new feel of Stanley Arts.

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