Croydon Chronicles Volume 2 – A Doorway to Croydon

  • Location Croydon
  • Producer Simeon Qsyea

The second Croydon Chronicles film from director Simeon Qsysea, ‘A Doorway to Croydon’ is set to music by iconic Croydon artist SKREAM and stars BAGSY, who finds himself Dancing in a parallel universe in the heart of Croydon.

Meet Jamil, a young man whose dreams are as big as the world itself. Despite his full time job, bills seem to always outweigh his paycheck in the vibrant chaos of London. However, destiny has woven a different tale for him behind a door he knows all too well. Little does Jamil know that behind that door, waits a home beyond his wildest dreams…

Let’s see where this door takes us in the Croydon Chronicles!

Croydon Chronicles is a series of four short films telling stories through dance, and set to the music of iconic Croydon artists. At the core of each film is a collaboration between established Performing Arts companies and the community. This is an opportunity to show the many stories of one of London’s most diverse and multicultural boroughs.

Written and directed by Simeon Qsyea, and commissioned by Daniel Winder at Stanley Arts, these films are a mix of fantasy and reality as the audience are invited to explore this great city.

Written and Directed by Simeon Qsysea
Music by SKREAM
Starring BAGSY
Presented by Stanley Arts

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