Venus Raven

Venus Raven (she/her)


Venus Raven is a multi-disciplinary artist working in photography, performance art, theatre, and film. Exploring the unparalleled nature of instant photography, Raven dives inside the dreamscapes of the flesh beautified through distortions. Ms Raven is intrigued by the instant photography format. The ephemeral nature of it, the fading

beauty reminiscent and reflecting life itself. She continues exploring the intricacies of digital portrait photography as her first medium. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the London Fetish Film Festival. Raven has performed at events such as Torture Garden, MonsterQueen, and Fox&Badge. She is also one half of the performers’ duo Saint Raven. She has been published and exhibited as a photographer in London (Peanut Factory, Stanley Arts Centre, Bateman Gallery & Kachette), Greece and the United States (Art / Not Terminal Gallery & Seattle Erotic Art Festival). 


‘Devil’s Pretty Boi 1’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: ‘This is an intimate image, post-coital-like and chilled. The model is content and relaxed, he has a dreaminess about him as he is taking his time smoking. The intense colors and detail of the red velvet dress, his blue hair, pink gloves and black ink tattoos all compliment each other, creating a pleasing contrast to the grungy background. Inhale, exhale and take in the moment.’ 

‘Devil’s Pretty Boi 2’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: ‘This is a playful image, an obviously joyful one, but the model is guarded. Holding the cupcakes to his eyes and grinning happily, he is covering his gaze and presenting a character of himself having fun and posing. How do we let people see our joy and what’s behind that?’ 


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