Unfinished.Quirks (she/her)


BIO: Unfinished.Quirks is an Angolan artist born in Portugal and raised in Manchester, now residing in London. I am a 25-year-old Black queer visual artist. My works focus solely on highlighting Black women – in art it is rare to see Black women being portrayed as beautiful. I have found representation through mixed media by creating art that looks like me and bringing materials that connect directly to a Black woman’s identity. I make art through my lens and my perception as a Black woman in this society. Having faceless drawing allows any Black woman, whether they are queer or not, to place themselves in that painting and see themselves. 


FROM THE ARTIST: ‘Poderosas, which means powerful in Portuguese. This artwork depicts Black queer women and their connection to their queerness and how their queerness is an extension of their identity—having three cis queer Black women being vulnerable with me and sharing personal stories through posing, exuberating their confidence through their queerness. A mixed media painting using acrylic captures the undertones of each of these women with the blends of brown hues and their warm and cool undertones. The hand-braided hair attached to the canvas represents the lingerie or underwear; they must feel beautiful, confident and sexy. Along with the gold flakes representing the actual entity of their bodies, their stretch marks. The fabric stitched to artwork provides dimensions but a connection to the African roots of the artist. Black women are queer joy through who they are every day.’


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