Toni Murphy

Toni Murphy (she/her) 


BIO: Toni Murphy is a freelance storyteller, telling stories through poetry, short works of fiction, personal essays and online content creation. Her work centres the experiences of BIPOC people with a focus on alternative lifestyles and dispelling cultural taboos. 


FROM THE ARTIST: Skin Out is a sex-positive podcast telling the stories of people of colour taking up space in the kink and fetish scene. The ten episode show has guests from all walks of the kink and fetish scene. From kinky baby to pervy veteran. They take the listeners on a sexual journey, discussing what brings them pleasure, the complexities of their desires, wants and the feelings and emotions that tie into it. The series dismantles the issues that POC kinksters and fetish friends navigate daily in the scene. The role race and culture plays in their sexual identities and explorations. The intersectionality of being non-white AND being plus size or neurodiverse or queer or older. The show aims to bring visibility to their lived experiences and empower more POC to live their best kinky lives. Image design by Aikaterini Paraskevopoulou from Moan Zine’ 

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