The Team take on Tech Training

Led by our fabulous and experienced Senior Technician, Herbe, our team took two hours out of their busy schedule’s to get tech savvy…

As you can imagine, Stanley Arts has a lot of electrical wires feeding through our floors and walls, with different set ups in different Halls and spaces. It’s a lot to keep on top of it all, but we have no fear, it’s all under Herbe’s belt!

Our light and sound features set the scene for our many events and weddings, and that’s why it’s important for the rest of our team to know the basics. But don’t worry they weren’t tested afterwards by having to programme a 90-minute-projection-show (yet!), but they’ve pinned down the basics as to how a Mixing Desks works and learnt which switch is for what.

With this new knowledge and understanding of terminologies, the team are happy to answer any tech questions you may have. They can now confidently set up DJ sets, turn on and off the stage lights in Stanley Hall, and put together a projector & screen so all runs smoothly for guest presentations!

During the training, the team were based in Stanley Hall, our Scene Dock & the Society Room.

Want to know more about our tech? Find out, simply pop an email to Herbe:

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