The Latest on our Writing: Redefined Artists

In October, our Writing: Redefined artists shared their first piece of work responding to the themes generated by our devising sessions… Séance!


Whilst this is just a jumping off point, our writers have taken this as inspiration, contemplating séance and the building of Stanley Arts. They each wrote ten minute scripts, a mix of genres from dark surreal comedy to an engrossing drama mystery.

We invited six fantastic actors to workshop these scripts, they spent the day responding to the writer’s work with Rob Awosusi then sharing a scratch performance to the writers that evening. Through this process we were able to propose inspired stagings of scenes, and give the characters in the work new depth.

This a big moment for our group as we will soon begin the process of writing a new performance which will be performed at Stanley Arts in February 2024. The seeds of these workshops will contribute to the form bending writing of this team of writers.

Watch this space!

Actors we worked with were:
Tapiwa Mugweni
Amaia Naima
Bonnie Adair
Shyvonne Ahmmad

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