Terms & Conditions

The following are the Stanley Arts’ general Terms & Conditions.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. To hire a space at Stanley Arts, or to book a ticket for a public event, you must accept these terms and conditions.

  • Space Hire


     Holding Deposit and Payments

    All invoices to be settled within 14 days of issue, or 14 days before the event, whichever is sooner. For last-minute events, where the booking is less than two weeks from the invoice issue date, the invoice should be paid as soon as it is received. All invoices need to be fully paid before your event happens.

    For large scale events we can arrange for a payment plan to be made via direct debit.

    Damage Deposits

    For higher risk events, or for hiring in particularly valuable spaces, the hirer may be asked to pay a refundable damage deposit in addition to the hire fee. The damage deposit will be used by the venue to offset the cost of any damage caused by the hirer to the building or equipment therein. The damage deposit will also be used to cover any outstanding financial liabilities from unpaid invoices, extra hours, overruns etc. The hirer will receive a detailed breakdown of any money to be held back from their damage deposit and the reasons why.

    The balance of the damage deposit will be returned to the hirer within 2 weeks of the hire. The hirer should send their bank details promptly to the venue after their event to allow us to process their refund. If after six months after an event the venue has not heard from a hirer with their bank details the damage deposit will be lost.

    Booking Details

    It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide Stanley Arts with all information and requirements pertaining to the booking in good time. Stanley Arts cannot be held responsible for any unavailable services if all required information is not provided at least 4 weeks in advance of the hire.


    Stanley Arts is not currently VAT-registered, therefore all invoices are exempt from VAT.

    Parking & Public Transport

    There is no parking on site for attendees during weekdays . We can provide 1-2 spaces for event organisers or caterers dependent on availability. During evening and weekends there is the possibility, if available, to hire car parking space at an additional cost – please talk to the member of Stanley Arts who is managing your booking for more information. 

    There are also 3 car parks in easy reach of Stanley Arts (Station Road, Belvedere Road and Clifford Road). Local street parking is mainly metered but there is some free street parking off Southern Avenue.

    Stanley Halls is just a five minute walk from Norwood Junction station, which has fast services to London Bridge, East & West Croydon, and direct trains to Victoria. There are also services to Sutton, Horsham, Caterham, Tonbridge and Tattenham Corner and the London Overground.

    There are many local bus routes that serve Norwood Junction and can connect you easily to many parts of South London.

    Catering & Refreshments

    There is limited kitchen provision on site. External caterers are permitted with the permission of the management. If you are supplying your own catering, please give full details including the name and contact details of your provider. A Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate and copy of the caterer’s public liability insurance will need to be provided. No gas or oil burners may be used inside the building.  

    We can operate a fully stocked licensed bar for your event. All the profits from our bar go towards the charitable aims of Stanley Arts. A price list is available on request. Please discuss any other needs with the Manager. 

    Any minimum spend requirements (if any) will be discussed in the specific terms of your agreement with Stanley Arts.


    If the booking is a public ticketed event, The Hirer is responsible for their own marketing, including the production and printing of any literature such as posters, flyers etc, unless otherwise arranged with the Manager. Stanley Arts Staff, where possible, will assist with the promotion of events taking place at Stanley Halls. For further confirmation contact the Manager. All promotional material must be approved by Stanley Arts prior to printing and include the venue logo and details as required.

    Technical Provision

    Please discuss your specific technical requirements with the Events & Operations Manager; anything above basic use of PA and lights can be arranged at a cost. All technical requirements must be given no less than four weeks in advance of arrival. Any requests submitted after this time may not be fulfilled. 


    The Hirer:

    Shall comply with any and all requirements or directions of the Stanley Arts-appointed Manager who shall be at liberty to suspend, terminate or control the hire to any extent and in any way they may deem necessary. The Hirer shall immediately vacate the premises if requested to do so. Such determination shall not release the Hirer from their obligations. This shall be without rendering Stanley Arts liable to damages or otherwise in respect of such suspension or actions.

    Shall comply with all statutory regulations and other legal obligations to which he/she is subject, for example, no smoking anywhere in the building and no behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace.

    Shall take all possible steps to ensure all guests comply with all rules and regulations at all times.

    Shall not allow anything to be done to invalidate the insurance policy.

    If the hire has to be cancelled by the Hirer the following policy applies (minus a 10% non-refundable holding deposit):

    % Total of Hire Charge Refundable Time Prior to Event
    90% Up to 6 Months
    75% Up to 3 Months
    50% Up to 2 Months
    25% Up to 2 Weeks
    0% Within 2 Weeks

    The hirer will receive a 100% refund in event of cancellation by the venue prior to the event; minus 10% non-refundable holding deposit.

    If a performance hire, the Hirer must liaise with the Stanley Arts team to make sure all promotion fits within our style guide. 

    Shall make no monetary collection on the premises except with the prior written consent of the Manager.

    Shall comply with Stanley Arts’ zero tolerance of drugs & the misuse of alcohol policy. 

    Shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that specified in the Agreement.

    Shall keep all gangways doors, passages, corridors, entrances and exits clear and unobstructed.

    Shall not remove any of the fixed furniture or appliances from Stanley Arts or drive any nail, screw or other fixing or fastening into any wall, floor or furniture without previous permission of the Manager. 

    Shall repay to Stanley Arts on demand the cost of reinstating all or any part of Stanley Arts, or any property in or upon the building, which is damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed during the hire period or prior to the hire period if the damage is in relation to or caused by the hiring. 

    Shall not display any signage without permission of the Manager. The Hirer is liable for any damage done by blu-tack or any other wall fixings.

    Shall only bring property into the building if it is safe, and adequately fireproofed. Electrical equipment may be subjected to PAT testing. All such property is the responsibility of the Hirer and must be removed after the event. 

    Shall provide method statements and risk assessments for any events which require installation of temporary equipment. Any contractors working on site will be required to provide copies of relevant insurance. This documentation should be provided at least four weeks in advance of the event.

    Shall not permit any explosives, highly inflammable spirits or the use of naked lights in or around the premises.

    Shall not bring any animals into the building apart from service animals, unless by prior agreement.

    Shall leave the space in a clean and tidy order, or a cleaning fee will be deducted from the damage deposit before a refund is issued. Alternatively, with prior agreement made with the Manager, the Hirer can choose to pay a cleaning fee whereby cleaning will be arranged by the Manager.

    If confetti is brought onto site an automatic cleaning fee of £50 will be applied. 

    Shall not leave any property on site without permission once the hire period has concluded. Anything left behind will be disposed of at Stanley Arts discretion, and at the Hirer’s cost.

    Shall not transmit or record performances or take photographs on the premises without prior consent from the Manager.

    Shall not infringe the copyright on plays etc and shall indemnify the Stanley Arts for any proceedings arising from breach of copyright.  

    Shall be liable for any PRS/PPL charges arising from a public event. Live bands must fill in a PRS setlist form and submit to the management in advance.

    Shall not permit the use of any amplification equipment without previous permission from the Manager.

    Shall provide such attendants for general supervision of the premises as the Manager shall deem necessary, to be agreed in advance.

    Shall inform Stanley Arts if there are likely to be any minors attending. If so, the Hirer shall sign the child safety and safeguarding policy, and agree that they take all responsibility for children attending the venue.

    Shall ensure that room capacities are strictly adhered to. These relate to fire safety policies and cannot be exceeded.

    Shall not permit any high-risk activities by any person(s) at any time. Anybody seen to be endangering other members of the public shall be ejected with no recourse, at the discretion of the management.

    Stanley Arts:

    Will retain the keys. 

    Will provide at its own expense for reasonable cleaning, heating and normal lighting of the premises but shall not be responsible for any failure or defect thereof.

    Will not accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to any item brought to or left on the premises.

    Will not be liable in any way to the Hirer for any cost, inconvenience or damage caused by any interruption in or failure to provide services or facilities where such failure is due to circumstances beyond Stanley Arts’ control. This is including but not limited to: war, strike, industrial dispute, flood, fire, accident to any premises or equipment, shortage of materials or labour.  

    Retains the right to terminate this contract at any time if the Hirer:

    • does not fulfil any of their obligations laid out in this agreement
    • becomes insolvent
    • does not pay their invoice within the timeline agreed
    • proposes an event that might, in the opinion of the management, prejudice the reputation of Stanley Arts


    • Any notice by Stanley Arts or the Manager to the Hirer may be sent by email or ordinary pre-paid first class post to the Hirer at the addresses given in this agreement and will be deemed to have been served immediately if by email or on the following working day if by post. 
    • The driver of any vehicles parked in the premises must remain on site when the car is parked, with the vehicle logged by the Manager. Stanley Arts accepts no liability in respect of vehicles parked on its site.

    Drug & alcohol misuse policy

    • Any customer found using or selling drugs will be ejected immediately and the police called.
    • Any customer found to be intoxicated will be ejected immediately with no re-entry.
    • Stanley Arts will not be liable for any disruption to any event caused by ejecting customers as a result of this policy.
    • The management’s decision is final.
  • Ticket Purchases

    For all tickets bought through our third party ticketing partner TicketSource please go to their website for a full list of their terms & conditions.

    Booking fees

    TicketSource have booking fees which are an additional cost on top of listed ticket prices. Please see these booking fees below:

    Up to £5 booking – 50p booking fee 

    £5 to £25 booking – £1.25 booking fee

    Over £25 booking – £2 booking fee


  • Complaints Procedure

    We endeavour to provide the very best customer service to all our visitors; and we strive to maintain the very best relationship with all our neighbours and stakeholders. Having said that, mistakes do happen sometimes, by sin of omission or oversight. Should you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our operations then send an email to:


    Or alternatively you can write a letter to:

    Venue Director,
    Stanley Arts
    12 South Norwood Hill
    SE25 5AB

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