Tainted Saint

Tainted Saint (they/them) 


BIO: Tainted Saint is a queer, non-binary multidisciplinary artist from Croydon, London. They aim to explore the raw beauty in the distorted human lens and push the strength of mind and flesh. Embracing those things we would usually see as macabre insecurities and making them powerfully grotesque and binary-defying. They are one half of kink-inspired art and performance duo Saint Raven and are Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Queer arts Collective Bold Mellon, predominantly focussing on interdisciplinary art which elevates the LGBTQIA+ community. 



FROM THE ARTIST: KLAZO embraces neurodiversity and how its challenges and immense energy impact the self. As a dancer with a vocal and motor tic disorder, model Maddie Mellon, explores a love/hate relationship between body and mind, particularly expressing disability and trauma. In this intimate first collaboration, playfulness and ‘insecurities’ swirl into chaotic clarity, fueling fluid movement. In a safe space, Klazo accesses fear and power in unsuppressed creativity. Maintaining an atmosphere where artists can fully let go and be uninhibited creating raw work. The ‘madness’ in ‘mess’ is magic. Klazo presents uncontrolled facial contortion and gross movement – euphoric vulnerability of self-exposure and disability. As a photographer, I followed Maddie’s

interactive movement with flour and water. The flour and physicality were light and free; sinisterly ethereal. While the weighted effect of water created an entrapping obstacle as it congealed. A single isolating spotlight was used – cold, harsh and isolating. I added a 

digital finish to Klazo, augmenting the expressive pose – an ode to futurism and expressionism.’ 

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