Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity: Awareness & Inclusion Training with METRO

On the 21st September, our team were joined by other local arts and charity organisations for LGBTQ+ training, delivered by METRO; A leading equality diversity charity , providing health, community and youth services. The session was delivered as an open space environment where there were no wrong answers. The group used Menti as our activity interface where attendees could answer using their mobiles, and this would translate to Nicola’s (our presenter) presentation, resulting in an anonymous approach which made the space feel super comfortable and informative.

During the session, we looked at the roles of Gender, Sexuality, Equality, Diversity and Identity. It was filled with lots of visual metaphors, spectrums and referred to online videos to hear from those with first-hand experience. Not only that, we looked at a cultural approach to sexuality and gender within society and how this has ranged across the world at different time periods.

Learn more about METRO and the services they offer here. We send a big thank you to Nicola, the team at METRO and all those who came along from our local community. Council services and Age UK to name a couple. It was a pleasure to have you here!

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