Ruby Ingleheart @ingleheartruby

Ruby Ingleheart (she/her) 

BIO: Ruby Ingleheart is a UK based visual artist using photography, sound, video, animation and other experimental mediums. A recurring emphasis throughout her work has been on humans’ relationship with place and the impact we have on the natural

environment. Living in Cornwall has provided her with endless material and feeds an interest in water, reflections, light, bodies, rituals, and organic forms. Collaborating with visual artists, musicians and the communities in which the projects are formed, much of Ruby’s work operates in public spaces to engage with audiences outside the usual art sphere. More recently her work has evolved to combine a variety of live visual techniques such as video mixers, oil projections (inspired by the light shows coming out of San Francisco during the 1960’s), Phenakistascopes, and pre recorded animated visuals that have been created from a range of mediums like printmaking, paint and collage. Ruby playfully responds to the music she’s creating visuals for by manipulating organic shapes, light and colour.