Purrsia Kitt

Purrsia Kitt (she/her) 


BIO: Purrsia Kitt is an award nominated black, neurodivergent+, queer femme burlesque artiste from London who has performed and headlined on stages across the UK and is making her international debut in September 2023. Purrsia also produces the kink-positive cabaret “Fetlesque” which centres QTIPOC artists who are also disabled and/or neurodivergent. Alongside performing and producing, she is a published model, writer and passionately advocates for visibility for other black neurodivergent artists who have so many rich and unique stories to share about the world from their perspective. 


‘Breathing Underwater’ 

‘A Powerful Lesson In Self-Worth’ 

‘Thank You Goddess’ 

‘Don’t Be Shy’ 



‘Watch Closely’ 

‘You’re Making Me High’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: ‘This work explores queer femdom and power play from the femme gaze. Rather than a dungeon environment, this play/ scene took place in a bathroom adding to the soft yet powerful queer femme energy. Kink exploration can be a therapeutic, healing and safe activity for many queer people and creates opportunities for self expression and joy when practiced safely and with meaningful intention. As the many realms of kink remain taboo in society, it is important that images like this exist where the content and context is queer and femme focused. It is important that this image, despite its sexual nature, centres not only softness, care, safety, but the sense of freedom it creates showing that women can be queer, kink-positive, sex-positive in ways that do not centre the male gaze and thrive while doing so. It shows queer women in their 30s taking up space who live with invisible conditions which involves many challenges and need for resilience in a world not set up for these lived experiences.’ 

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