Our Writing: Redefined creatives get inspired at the Tate Modern

On Saturday 15th July our Writing: Redefined artists visited the ‘Performer & Participant‘ exhibition at the Tate Modern.

At the exhibition, our writers reflected on how artists working between the 1960s and the 1990s opened up new spaces for participation and performance.

Whilst we walked around the exhibition, we considered the evolution of this within a variety of social and political context and shared our own artistic reference points in relation to the work displayed. Finally, it was a great reason for the group to meetup and get to know one another better.

The exhibition is made up of 8 rooms, ranging in processes, mediums and medias. Each room focuses on a different insights and art style. These entail of works by Yasmin Jahan Nupur & Bharti Kher, Lee Bul, Gutai artists, Ana Lupas & Akram Zaatari and many more…

Upon reflection of the day, we had a discussion about the exhibition after we saw it; what resonated with us and what we didn’t connect with. It encouraged us to think about what kind of experience our writers want to share with the audience, leading us to question how do we want topresent ideas?

We recommend checking out the Performer & Participant to all creatives, it’s free to attend and is an ongoing exhibition, so be sure to check it out!

To learn more about Writing: Redefined, visit our News post here.

Writing: Redefined is led by Robert Awosusi and funded by Arts Council England.

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