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A tree covered in 1000 beer cans

Community spirit and volunteering as a Litter Picking Friend of South Norwood 

In this audio you can hear Violeta. 

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Audio Transcript: 

I have a been living in South Norwood for 32 years and I am one of the volunteers of Litter Picking Friends of South Norwood, so we go around and clean up the streets and we want to see changes in South Norwood, and I was actually a Street Champion before I started. A Street Champion is part of Croydon. We are supported by Croydon Council. 

I like it because I’m seeing changes. And then when I started to go out and do litter-picking, I noticed a lot of people were asking me “Oh, did you do this yourself? Where can I get the equipment? I’m interested.” And I was shocked by the amount of people that wanted to join the groups. So I organised a group in Facebook, so at least now we got 200 members, and can I say that 25 volunteers are active in the community, not only doing litter-picking. We do a lot of looking after parks, cleaning, emptying bins sometimes, encouraging…encouraging recycling…promote South Norwood as a lovely place to live because we care, we love this community, and we want to see it improving.


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Norwood JunKAction’s The Tree of Beer Cans 2023 at Belgrave and Grosvenor Estate.

Image Credit: Croydon Council

A tree covered in 1000 beer cans

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