Toys and Joys at Lorimer’s

Cherished memories of Lorimer’s toy shop on High Street.

In this audio you can hear Freda and Renee.

This audio is 1 minute and 37 seconds long.


Audio Transcript:

Freda: My next door was even J.H. Lorimer, they used to do a card factory. That’s what it was, yes, it was a factory. They had the shop on the High Street. It was quite busy and lots of activities were going on until I’m not sure.

Tamara (Interviewer): Okay, so you said your next-door neighbour was Lorimer’s?

Freda: Yes. J. H. Lorimer, they used to do cards. It was a card factory, it was a huge card factory.

Renee: Lorimer’s, a Lorimer’s. There used to be a Lorimer’s on the high street, and I used to love Lorimer’s. I’m like the eldest of six children, and I used to take all my siblings down to Lorimer’s and again on our Saturdays, so what we do, we literally we’d have a routine, and we’d go to the pub first, right? We’d all settle down. Nana would give us about, you know, about £5, so go to the Lorimer’s, buy what you want at Lorimer’s and go to the chip shop, get a bag of chips, come back to the pub, have a pineapple juice and then we would just sit there for the afternoon. But Lorimer’s had so many things for us to do, whether I went in there every week. Depending on how I was feeling, it would be arts and crafts, or we’d buy the trump cards, or just little different things and creative things to do. Actually, that wasn’t about digital things, because quite frankly, I didn’t have a lot of digital things kind of growing up in that sense and I feel like that fostered a lot of innovative thinking. In a sense, I don’t think enough young children are allowed to be bored, quite frankly to allow them to foster some creative thinking and problem solving and just, yeah, being, taking a level of initiative as well to just grow their brains and have that level of development. So, Lorimer’s, I think, is something that was for me personally, very, very important to have in the high street that we no longer have.

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