The Legendary Pinch A Pound

  • Subject: Oral History

The beloved Pinch a Pound on High Street was a one-stop-shop for whatever you might need. 

In this audio you can hear Freda, Ian, Richard.

This audio is 1 minute and 32 seconds long.


Audio Transcript: 

Freda: Pinch a Pound has everything that you can get from, I don’t know, from everything that you would need in this whole world. Pinch a Pound used to stock them. Yes.

Tamara (Interviewer): I’m guessing you used to go there a lot to get your supplies?

Freda: Every day, every day is like new things, from kids to adults, from home, you name it.

Ian: Things have changed. The Pinch a Pound’s gone, that’s an empty building now. That’s still not been done anything with. But that was another place, if you wanted furniture or anything, you know, you’d go in there wanting one thing and come out with about five other things but that’s gone. It’s just times, I think.

Richard: When Pinch a Pound opened, it was a breath of fresh air. We didn’t have anything like that in South Norwood. And I still say today that when Pinch a Pound closed, South Norwood died. The high street died because people would come from everywhere, Christmas, you could go in there and buy 200 different rolls of wrapping paper and balloons and streamers and Christmas trees. He had absolutely everything, people would queue out the door and, you know, things happen, business changed, and I think that he couldn’t get the supplies anymore and then it closed. And that was really that was really hard because that impacted the high street dramatically.

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Image Credit: Pinch a Pound, High Street, September 2012 © Google

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