Local Pubs

  • Subject: Oral History

Stories of happy times in the local pubs. Featuring The Albion and The Prince Albert . 

 In this audio you can hear Jewell, Ted and Anonymous. 

The audio is 2 minutes and 2 seconds long.

Audio Transcript: 


And you know that pub next to Stanley Hall? That belonged to my husband’s cousin. He owned it. In the 60s. His neighbour, Jeffrey Godfrey, he used to make a lot of food, good food and people used to sit and eat. His wife used to do the cooking. It was a good…good parties they used to have there, and he sold it for one million and went to Spain.


Further down Portland Road, on the corner of Cobden Road there used to be the…Albert?


Yes, yes, I used to drink in the Albert. Used to love it. 


Prince Albert, Prince Albert.

In my family’s sort of vocabulary, the Prince…The Albert was definitely not a sort of…nice person’s pub.


Oh, oh, wasn’t it? 

I used to be able to leave my house in Watcombe Road walk the few hundred yards to the Albert Pub and get in there at 11 o’clock or…or five past eleven and get…poured out some of the most wonderful hours [laughs]. 

They were a wonderful pub in many respects. Once you your face was known or once you knew one person you knew everyone. And they also used to run 2 cricket teams, one was called the Earl Russell after the name of the pub that didn’t exist anymore [laughs]. And Dave Mack used to say “the object of the exercise is to get all out before opening time” [laughs] so’s you could go to the pub.

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