• Subject: Oral History
The front of Kennedy's shop

All that was on offer in Kennedy’s, sausages, sugar coated pies and the cash register system.

In this audio you can hear Ivy, Judith and Ted. 

The audio is 1 minute and 43 seconds long.

Audio Transcript: 


Sometimes when I wasn’t working, you see, I would have to queue up for my mother to get some sausages. And that’s…and that’s the only place you would get your sausages. My…my shop my was near enough, opposite to Kennedy’s.


Kennedy’s pies were something different. Again, they had a separate till at the back behind a grill. It was tiled. I understand the tiles are still there, the fittings are still there. They sold sausages, they sold bacon, sliced bacon. They sold cheese, they sold eggs and wonderful pies. Steak pies. Pork pies, but they also sold fruit pies, blackcurrant pies, gooseberry pies, apricot pies, cherry pies, apple pies, cherry pies where, oh, to die for [laughs]… and you could come down to the High Street to do your weekend shopping and Saturdays, you’d go into Kennedy’s and get a couple of pies for, sort of Saturday lunch. Get a couple of pies…fruit pies for pudding. Or if you’re going on a picnic, get a couple of Kennedy’s pies to take with you. And I never found out how Kennedys made the pastry for their pies. It was completely different, it wasn’t crumbly. The sugar crust on the top of the pies and no idea how they did it. It, but they were completely different from everybody else’s.


I bought one of their pies in there, because they did excellent pies. And they were, they had some spices in them, some taste to them. And they had …they weren’t bland. They were real pies made by people with clean fingernails and…sorry [laughs]. 


The property has been the constant sort of theme.


Yes, yes, indeed.


In all the meetings I’ve been to in the last several years. 

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The front of Kennedy's shop

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