All Aboard the Fast Train

South Norwood’s city transport links and their impact on the high street.

In this audio you can hear John, Ian and Sheila.

This audio is 2 minutes long.


John: The train station is very convenient. You know, I used to work in London, and I could hop on the train and be in London Bridge in 10 or 11 minutes, I think it’s a little bit longer now, maybe 15. But the commuter links around here are fantastic now it’s got busier. There’s now there’s more buses, there’s trams. There’s so much transport going on here.

Ian: When Palace played like last season and this season we had a 3:00 kick off when normally we are packed, you know, it’s busiest.  It wasn’t, but they were doing engineering works. Like last year, you could notice the takings would drop quite a lot when there was a train strike, you know, or the buses weren’t running. So, I mean, the transport links to South Norwood is very good now, I think, especially if you want to go to London, you know. I’m not a great person to talk about the transport links because I walk down the stairs to work. You know.

Sheila: You could buy a ticket, and I’m not certain whether it was a single or whether it was a return ticket to go up to London, now when I say London, you could go to either London Bridge, Cannon Street or Victoria for a shilling. In the old days, that’s five pence wasn’t it?  But you had to be there, as I say. I can’t remember whether you had to be in London by seven o’clock or eight o’clock. That I can’t remember. And I went to work in London in an office. My season ticket up to London, and again I could travel to London Bridge, Waterloo, Charing Cross or Cannon Street was seven and six a week, what’s that 37 and a half pence, isn’t it?

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Image Credit: Norwood Junction Station © 2021 Chris Redgrave / Historic England


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