New Beginnings: Free rehearsal space in our Scene Dock!

A new year brings New Beginnings!

Are you are a creative performer looking for a great space to rehearse? Look no further than the collaborative environment that is Stanley Arts! One of the cosiest and versatile spaces on our site, our Scene Dock, could be yours for up to a week throughout January! This also includes a public sharing at the end of your week. Read more FAQs below:

Who’s it for?
Any performing arts creative/company.

Where is it?
Our Scene Dock, located at the heart of Stanley Arts.

When can I use the scene dock?
Between 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday, during January.
We’re open to having half days and a varied combination of days but you have to have something to share at the end of it.

Do I need to do an application?
No, just drop an email describing what you’d like to work on, who’s involved and what your availability is like.

Do I need to have something to show at the end of it?
It would be great for the artist/s do have a very informal sharing at the end of their time at Stanley. But this can be anything doesn’t need to be a finished product. Could be 10mins of a dance piece, could be 30min reading of a play, this is a programme to help develop new work.

The New Beginnings opportunity is available throughout January, and there is space available for up to a week at a time.

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