Lee Milton

Lee Milton (he/him)


BIO: Self taught, Queer artist. Focusing on portraiture, and heavily influenced by Queer and pop culture references. Working in digital and traditional mediums and attempting to capture a story, an idea or just a beautiful creature to inspire, be admired and enjoyed.


FROM THE ARTIST: ‘The title, Delicates, is taken from the slang term for feminine underwear and lingerie. The title also plays on the delicate, and fragile, concepts of heteronormative gender identity and its binary constructs. In challenging the basic concepts of the feminine and masculine, ‘Delicates seeks to demonstrate how easily these binary, heteronormative concepts can be challenged… by something as simple, or as delicate, as the underwear we choose to wear. ‘Delicates’ presents a sense of positivity and strength in the acceptance of nonbinary experience, and the confidence and joy that can be found in self expression.’

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