Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson​

S/He Breathe/S


S/He Breathe/S – is a collaborative multisensory performance installation. Illuminating questions of belonging and existence within a socio-climate colonial devastated future, where Black and Brown people are turned into objects for ‘air-work’: cleaning toxic polluted air with their lungs, and white / light skinned folx are protected with breathing apparatus from birth.
Centring hope, love and possibility, the central character, Xaymaca searches through ancestral connections of queer time-travel and techno-ecologies to hold a ritual – to speak to us, to remind us of what needs to be done….


Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson – Writer, Director, Actor + Project Coordinator
insta: lateisha_davine

Kes Gill-Martin – Actor + Project Coordinator + Wellbeing Access Support (for Lateisha)
insta: @kezzleton

Yuwei Jing – Actor
insta: @yuwei.jing

EM Williams – Actor
insta: @emwilliams

Raf Alero – Sound Artist
insta: @aleroaleroalero

Seyi Adelekun – Scenic Artist
@Seyi Adelekun

Ella Justine Frost – Video Artist
insta: Ella Justine Frost

Robbie White – Video Creative Direction
insta: @dron_creative

Zahra Dalilah – Essay Artist
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Shannay Henry-Brown – Assistant
insta: @shannay_y

Andréa Ferdinand – Wellbeing Access Support (for Lateisha)
insta: @idreferdi

Artist Biography

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson (they/she – b.1989) is an interdisciplinary artist & embodied social justice practitioner of Jamaican heritage. Lateisha loves open water swimming, dancing amongst sound-systems and nurturing communities of rebel rousers.

Rooted in Black queer disability-justice ecological-feminisms – Lateisha’s art meditates upon life sustaining practices. Invoking body-land ritual technologies as pathways towards healing + liberation.


Images: Angry Jalebi @angryjalebi

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