The Mysterious Doors of Stanley Halls Zine

  • Location: Stanley Arts
  • Year Invented: 2022
  • Invention Type: Creative
  • Inventor: Martin Eden

I wanted the Zine to be a fun, unpredictable, epic adventure full of interesting characters!

I’m pushing myself to tell a story I don’t always tend to do (I tend to do superhero comics). I’m also going back to basics a little with my art style. With The O Men, I started out drawing everything on paper in black and white. Nowadays, I draw digitally and in colour. I’m going to go back to my earlier black and white style, as people seemed to really like it. I’ll be drawing on my ipad but it’ll be more natural and there will be no Photoshop trickery.

I’ve been drawing comics since I could hold a pencil (and crayon). I used to create comics to show my school friends and I was always making comics throughout my teen years (my mum read them all!).

You can access the ezine by clicking here.

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