Queer Joy: An Online Exhibition

In July 2023 we exhibited Queer Joy commissioned by This is Croydon London Borough of Culture and curated by Amy-Rose Edlyn and Emilia Nurmukhamet from the Bold Mellon Collective. QUEER JOY engaged submissions by emerging queer artists based in the UK and those working/living in the Borough of Croydon in response to hearing, witnessing and experiencing queer joy and the parameters within which our society contains it. This synergistic exhibition interrogates the theme of ‘QUEER JOY’ beyond the rapture… unearthing its unbound and resilient nature! What is the root of that euphoria, and where does it ignite? Our artists have turned the theme upside down and inside out! QUEER JOY encompasses a diverse selection of artworks spanning mediums including photography, film, digital art, illustration, painting, sculpture, textiles, installation art and sound. Audio description by Zoo Co, Malcolm Mellon and Dear Annie from Bold Mellon Collective. All installation shots by Tainted Saint. Please note that there is strong language, sexual themes and nudity throughout.
Queer Joy: in Conversation', instant by Venus Raven
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