Framing Croydon: The Buildings That Shape Us

This year, we've asked residents of Croydon to share with us the buildings and spaces that make this borough special. From iconic structures in Croydon's skyline, to the everyday homes and high streets, explore the locations that make up the unique character of the space around us.

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Join us this September to see the best snaps in person in an upcoming exhibition! Funded by Historic England
The Interchange building
10 Degrees, Croydon
Old pumping station
man on motorcycle driving past graffiti spelling LOVE on a brick wall
Staircase painted in colourful lines
Graffiti on the side of a building reads 'Remember to Talk'
black and white image looking up at a spiral staircase
Looking up at a skyscraper covered by fog
The Church of St Michael, backed by construction crane, office towers, and West Croydon bus station
A street at night
A child lying on a rope swing in a park
Black and white photograph of a church, Croydon Minster
A white building, and part of a model airplane
A single-storey yellow and blue building
a busy road outside Thornton Heath Station
Black and white image of a man standing in a doorway
A skyscraper and streetlight
looking through windows at the counters at Tesco
A rainbow over a street of houses
tall grey building with red, white and yellow vans going past
A mural of flowers on a brick wall with the words 'Friendship, respect, acceptance, neatness, together'
A neon 'Peace' sign on the side of a house at night
An abandoned house behind a wall covered in graffiti
A rainbow in a meadow
An icy suburban road at sunset
A man on a ladder in front of a clock tower
Looking down a street towards a train station at sunrise
looking through 3 windows half covered by a sheer curtain
a crowd watching players on a football pitch
No 1 croydon, a hexagonal skyscraper
Looking up at a hexagonal building and a clear sky
A grey windmill
An old red brick building with large gardens in front
The top of a tower through trees
black and white image of tall building
Black and white image looking up a ramp towards a clocktower
A black and white picture of trees along a lake
East croydon train station at night
A white and black skyscraper at night
a statue of a giraffe
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