COMMONS 2023 Exhibition

The past, present and future of dance at Stanley Halls and Stanley Arts. The exhibition includes images of dance that has happened in the building since our rebranding as Stanley Arts in 2021, along with some historic images of dance in the building from as far back as the 1920’s. We’re grateful to all the contributors to the exhibition, which includes local residents, artists and photographers & Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society. If there’s dance you’d like to see or do at Stanley Arts - let us know!
The Battle Cage at Stanley Arts
Mini Movers family dance class at Stanley Arts
Improvised hip hop dance piece COMMONS Festival 2022 Photo by Vipul Sangoi
Community dance work led by Mathangi Keshavan COMMONS festival 2022 Photo by Vipul Sangoi
Black Girl White Girl & Everything Inbetween by Simeon Qsyea and Birdgang LTD
Kiki House of Laveaux at Stanley Arts
F**k it up Fridays 2022 Photo by JayJay Revlon
Queerly Come Dancing at Stanley Arts
Taken by the Hand Dance film still
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