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The Kingdom League Finale

Who will be crowned King or Queen of the 2nd Edition of The Kingdom’s League Finale? In 2023 we presented 6 events where dancers battled in Hip Hop & Popping, earning the prize points required to gain a spot in the Grand Finale!

5 week Flamenco course with Jose Agudo

Join us for a fun Flamenco workshop with choreographer and dancer Jose Agudo! You will […]

Mission Earth

This family performance has everything you can ask for: live music, funny characters, beautiful visuals, extraordinary costumes and an important message!

Can Do

Event Series Can Do

Join us for an exciting dance workshop taught by a team of talented choreographers: Sarah Adedeji, Jayden Reid, Anna Seymour, Natasha Volley, and Raffie Julien.

Symphony of the Senses: Colour/Music at Stanley Arts

Drop in on this unique Colour/Music Sensory Installation and create your own world of colour and music through movement as part of the Eye Music, Arts Council England funded tour.

Social Gardening Club

Event Series Social Gardening Club

Join our friendly gardeners at Stanley Arts. Help maintain the planters, grow herbs and flowers and learn about gardening practices.

The Great Big Dinosaur Show

Event Series The Great Big Dinosaur Show

Which dinosaur had teeth as big as a banana? Which dinosaur weighed the same as 10,000 cats? And what could a CHICKEN possibly be doing in The Great Big Dinosaur Show?!

Leave Something To Remember

Event Series Leave Something To Remember!

Written collaboratively by our Writing: Redefined Cohort, Leave Something To Remember, is an exploration of womanhood and connection, shining a new light at how we view the old halls.

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