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The Take Me Back Kiki Ball

  • Date May 27
  • Time 7:00 pm - Late
  • Tickets£10 - £20
  • Ages18+

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Stanley Arts & Overseer Magenta Juicy Couture presents ‘The Take Me Back Kiki Ball’. This year we are paying homage to the Kiki Scene for one of our most anticipated balls yet. Who are the girls of the girls? Who’s house will chant the loudest? Most importantly, are you ready to go down in history miss thing?

This year we are taking you all the way back to the origins of the Kiki Scene. All categories are inspired by the Kiki scene, predominately the NYC scene, with the aim of educating as well as paying homage to the Kiki scene. Our overarching theme for the festival is to uplift, educate, and highlight the Kiki scene, so our idea for this ball fits this theme perfectly.

13 Categories:
OTA Tag Team Face – The Parents- the kiki scene has created some of our best leaders and parents who are not only instrumental but also frequently walking and showing the girls why they deserve their title. In classic Kiki style, show us why together you are the ultimate face duo, inspired by Mr and Mrs Smith

OTA Triple Threat ( One Realness, One Face, One Sex Appeal) – let’s make it HAWT. This wouldn’t be a homage to the Kiki scene without a production category! Bring us a production highlighting all three members, just bring it but make it MEMORABLE. Best production wins (3 minutes max)

OTA Classic Performance: The ‘Take Me Back’ Ball is all about paying homage to the Kiki scene and taking it all the way back to early days of the Kiki scene, where not only were the youth allowed to be creative and free but also for them to dip their feet into the world of ballroom. The Kiki scene has had many crossovers with the main scene with the House of Juicy being the first house to win a mainstream ballroom award as well as hosting the first Kiki Vogue Night with Jack Miza GG. The Kiki scene has cultivated some of the biggest names in main scene ballroom, to honour this bring it in classic vogue night look – Vest top, jeans and uggs/or bring inspo picture – and serve us a classic performance ( this means NO STUNTS, no backflips, no gymnastics, bring ONLY the 5 elements of vogue) (classics beats only)

OTA Dramatics vs Soft & Cunt – The BluePrints, The Icons, The Legends of the Kiki scene are known for their versatility but also their unique styles of vogue. Bring it as your favourite blueprint/icon/legend and recreate one of their iconic moments.
KIKI scene iconic moments for your 10s. (Examples below)BluePrints: Leiomy (Mugler) 007, Veronica Juicy Couture, Hurricane Katrina 007, Tamiyah (Louboutin) Juicy Couture, Asia Mulan, Champagne (Icon) 007 Sacoyia, Lil Mama Juicy Couture, Trish/Perry, Kamari, Alex Louboutin, Weezy PinkLady

Icons: Divo, Mannie, Kassandra Bangy Cunt (RIP), Monster Old Navy, Quana Juicy Couture, Boots Louboutin, Mel Mel Telfar, Barbie PinkLady, Starr Juicy Couture

Legends: Chloe Mattel, London Mulan, Linda Mattel, Kendra Mattel, Jasmine Playboy, Tati Juicy Couture, Toya Mamba, Samantha Mulan, Neveah 007, Jan Telfar, Vinii Angels, Tutu Louboutin, Charming Playboy, Kylie Versace

OTA New Performance – ‘The House of Pink Lady’ – As one of the first Kiki Houses, the House of Pink Lady has been a staple in the Kiki scene since its inception in 2005. In honour of the Pink Ladies, bring it in an all-pink look. You must be walking no more than 1 year to enter this category.

OTA Old Way v New Way – ‘The House of Bangy Cunt’ – Now the Kiki scene is known for being ‘bangy’ and embracing the bangy cunt energy. In light of the previous House of Bangy Cunt, bring it in a bangy look with the attitude to match. Mandatory bonnet and tracksuit.

OTA All American Runway vs European Runway -‘The House of Mattel’ – The House of Mattel was founded by Iconic Founder Sharae Mattel, who has hosted many ‘Mattel’ themed balls and the iconic ‘Playhouse’ balls. Bring it as your favourite doll.
a. Examples: Bratz, Monster High, Barbie

OTA Hands v Arms – Effect suggestion: club kid. Inspired by the branch off kiki scene community in NYC, bring it in a club kid look and don’t forget your neon hair/wig

OTA Best Dressed v Fashion Killa – Now the House of Juicy Couture, is not only iconic and record breaking, but so is the fashion house. Bring it in a look inspired by the Iconic fashion brand of Juicy Couture.

OTA Realness – The Skool Kids’- The Kiki scene was created for the youth. After school, the Kiki scene came to life and provide a space for ballroom to enter the lives of young queer POC. Inspired by one of the biggest realness categories in the Kiki scene, school boy/ school girl realness, where people like Legend Malik Juicy Couture, Legend Nash made their name in realness categories. Bring it like school just started in a school look/school uniform.

Commentor vs Commentator – The Voice – The kiki scene has cultivated some of our best loved MC’s of this generation, Icon Precious Old Navy, Icon Snookie Juicy Couture, OTY Karma Versace and now OTY Mya Dior each known for their wordplay and melodies while commentating – use a chant that reminds us/inspired by of the MC’s listed and for battles use the phrase “take me back”.

Best Kiki House Chant- Of the Year- Of the Year reminds you of who’s who in the Kiki scene. You know your IT when everyone is chanting your house chant. Show us why your house deserves house OTY and make the room shake with your house chant. Each battle requires a new chant!

Best Kiki House Look – Proud Family- Family values and safe sex messaging is at the heart of the Kiki scene. Your house look must be inspired by safe sex messaging/representation (this can be colour scheme, fabrics, words/phrases) (provide reference to how your house looks relates to safe sex messaging)

Doors open: 6pm

Founded in 2009 by Iconic Founding Mother Courtney Juicy Couture, The Iconic House of Juicy Couture is an International Kiki house known for their hard work, tenacity and bringing to the runway every single time. The U.K. chapter always bring the heat and the energy, expanding the Juicy legacy. The UK chapter are known throughout the U.K. ballroom scene and have walked multiple balls internationally, hosted balls in the U.K. and performed at events such as U.K. Black Pride. Who got the Juice? #TheJuicyWay




This event is part of our COMMONS dance festival. To see the full programme, visit this event page.

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