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Technicolour Kiki Ball by Magenta Tea

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To celebrate the end of lockdown and all of the restrictions we’re gonna have a good old fashioned Kiki Ball. CBA for a theme so lets just explode with colours. Each category has its own colour so come head-to-toe in that (shoes can be an exception). Whatever you do, just make it look cute!

Doors open for walkers at 6pm
Doors open for public at 7pm
LSS will start at 8pm

Spectator Tickets are currently available ! 

And there are still TICKETS AVAILABLE for people who are WALKING the ball. Please email avazhoo@gmail.com for Walker’s tickets separately.

Check out the categories below:

Face – Purple

Realness – Black

Old Way – Yellow

New Way – Pink

BQ VF – Red

FF Performance – Brown

RWT – Grey

Baby Vogue – Blue

Fashion Killa – Green

All American Runway – Orange

European Runway – Lilac

Lipsync Performance – Sequins of any colour

Hands vs Arms – White

Body – Baby Blue

Sex Siren – Burgundy

Commentator vs Commentator – OTA
Ballroom acronyms:
BQ – Butch Queen
FF – Female Figure
OTA – Open to all
RWT – Realness with a Twist
VF – Vogue Femme
FQ – Femme Queen
Anyone is welcome to participate, but if you’re new to Ballroom culture and want to walk any category, why not do some research, and find out what each category is about before you step to the floor?

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