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Soda Beat is one of London’s most popular live music events showcasing musicians with learning disabilities from across the UK’s growing learning- disabled music scene.


Soda Beat is produced by Club Soda, who run some of London’s most popular learning disability arts events.


The Carbonators
The Carbonators perform their own unique blend of Digital Blues, Punk/New Wave and Soul music. They have been compared to Can, The Fall, Swell Maps, Roxy Music and Galaxy 500. Their latest release, ‘MONSTERTRONICS, contains 4 tracks and is available from Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Listen here.

Transient Visitors
Transient Visitors fuse pop, rock, metal and electronic influences to create their own unique dark melodic sound. The band’s self-penned debut EP was released in 2022, with songs such as ‘Insanity Calling’ and ‘Battlescars’ showcasing their songwriting talent. The first single ‘Rat Trap’ from their forthcoming album is out now on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Listen here.

Theophilus Oluwafifehami Ajayi
Theophilus is a Pop, Funk, Rock singer-songwriter, producer and multi- instrumentalist. Theo released his first EP ‘Blackpool’ in 2023. He is also very productive on social media. Listen to the artist on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Listen here.

Luminous starchild
Luminous Starchild is a 24-year-old pianist, composer and EDM producer
who specialises in Cute Core music. He released his first single ‘Dreamscape’ this year on Soundcloud followed by his first EP – ‘Lucid Dreaming’ launched in 2023. Listen to the artist on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Listen here.

About Club Soda
Club Soda is a charity based in Croydon that provides opportunities for people with learning disabilities to access and enjoy music and the arts. We are led by a vibrant and dedicated pool of artists, creatives and campaigners. They work together to break boundaries and stereotypes, to create a society where people with learning disabilities are social, creative and valued.

Doors open: 6:45pm
Disability access: Flat Access & Accessible Toilet
£5 on the door (suggested donation £2 for carers)
Download the Visual Access Pack here.

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