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Ou Est Sa Tête

Ou Est Sa Tête sees two professional circus artists explore how their bodies are perceived in the performance context. This exciting show will be developed and performed at Stanley Arts, creating a one-off experience which may then be developed later in the year.

Lavrak Circus will explore the expectations placed upon women, the inner monologue and daily struggles of feeling as though femininity has to be performed, and the consequences feared for performing it. This will be an informal showing after a week of practical research into how binary ideas of male and female and societal norms affect our sense of self, how we are viewed, and our safety.

£5 a ticket
Friday 14th January, 7pm
Age 16+
May contain nudity


This event is part of our New Beginnings programme, which allows emerging artists the platform and space to develop and informally share their work. Find out more about our artistic programme by clicking this link.