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Open Ballroom Session with Sattva Ninja + Celeesi Revlon

An Open Ballroom Session is a space for everyone new or old in the scene to exchange, grow and train with each other. These sessions are an opportunity to watch and learn about different categories within ballroom and elements of voguing.

Hosted by Celeesi Revlon and Sattva Ninja

Celeesi Revlon

Originally from Hamburg, German-Polish born Celeesi moved to London in 2015 where she works as a creative, choreographer and performer across both the theatre (currently in Cabaret) and film world. Over the last 6 years, she has been an active member in the European ballroom scene representing and winning women’s performance as part of the Iconic House of Revlon. In the Kiki scene, Celeesi is now a UK Mother to the Kiki House of Angels, judges functions and alongside Sattva as the overall Godmother, organises open practices for the community. She is known for her quirky and weird nature in both personality and movement, while keeping it soft and kunt on the floor. 

Sattva Ninja

As known from the TV Show LEGENDARY, Sattva Ninja (she/they), roots in Vietnam, born in Hamburg/Germany and is based in London, where she works as a curator and movement artists with international brands and artists like Meghan Thee Stallion, Little Mix, NYX Cosmetics and more. Worldwide she has also made an impact in the ballroom culture as a judge, teacher, mentor and/or with winning her categories, which are the performance categories called New Way and Arms Control. Sattva is known for her fluid, water-like style inspired by the mystical movements of a cobra and the visually appealing movements from her Vietnamese culture.


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