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Oceanallover Presents: Ecdysis – Shedding Your Skin

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Step out of your old skin, become something other – a workshop in movement and devising.

In this workshop we will look at the process of becoming transfigured, both visually and emotionally. We will explore technique for breaking down the barriers of convention and expectation that can prevent us from giving our true selves, or indeed from ever finding that entity. We will also look at different systems for devising work that can help to avoid tired or repeated patterns of work. In the second part of the workshop we will look at transformation from the outside, using costume and objects to discover an alternative way of moving and thinking.

Tracy Alexander Rigg has over thirty years of experience as performer, maker and designer. His offer to you is to help you break with your own conventions, and to step into something untried, to take the risk that you need to take if your work is to survive as an original and creative force.

Please note – you need to have some movement experience and an open mind.

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