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Oceanallover Presents: Ecdysis (In Vivo)

This is a unique, collaborative work showcasing visceral choreography, unique costume from Oceanallover and live performance from vocal supremo Breezy Lee.

Ecdysis is part of a series of events that explore the idea of stepping out of your old skin in order to grow. Our project highlights the need to preserve the unique ecology of reptiles and specifically those reptiles that can be found in the wild in the UK. Ecdysis is made up of several short chapters, each section speaking to one reptile species. The animals are represented through original music written especially for the work This includes a collaboration between Breezy Lee and Dubstep/EMP heavies Sgt Pokes, N-Type, Silkie, Lost, Mako, Pinch Sepia, Franck Alba and Uncool Adam.The choreography has been devised as a collaborative project directed by Alex Rigg with dancers from Scotland, London and New York.

About Oceanallover:
Oceanallover are based in South West Scotland. They make visceral outdoor performance for site-specific locations and perform in both urban and remote landscapes. Their work is visually arresting and philosophically stimulating making use of gripping theatricality and evocative music. Oceanallover have collaborated with many artists and musicians including Mr Pearl, SGT Pokes, Silkie, N-Type, Pinch, Lost, Mako, Cappella Nova, William Sweeny, Dick Lee, Nicky Spence, Walk the Plank and NVA. They have shown their work at high profile festivals and events such as The Winged Dragon Festival (Hungary); Fiat International Festival (Montenegro); Mirabella Festival (Italy), Christchurch Arts Festival (New Zealand); Small Is Beautiful (Marseille); La Strada (Gratz), Mega Mango Festival (Mumbai) and Dream Up Festival (New York).

“Instantly exhilarating, like a sudden magical visitation from a fantastical world.” ***** The Herald on Sea Hames – Shortlisted for the CATS Award for music in 2018″

Doors open: 8pm

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