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Mission Earth

Eno, Bo and Lux are living in the year 2050, but it’s no fun.

The future has no colours and nothing anyone has tried so far can bring them back. But the children of the future have a plan…

Experience an interactive, dance-filled performance during which the children play a pivotal role, shaping the story and becoming heroes on our mission! This family performance has everything you can ask for: live music, funny characters, beautiful visuals, extraordinary costumes and an important message!

Psst… the element of surprise awaits the children as part of our magical performance. Please help us maintain the mystery by telling your children they will be there to experience a storytelling session.

SE19DanceProject (se19dance.co.uk) is a company based in South-East London committed to creating a caring and creative community through dance. They create opportunities for our community to engage in dance as audiences and participants, providing a space to connect with one another.

Creative Team:
Choreography: Ania Straczynska and Greta Gauhe
Leno: Lara Jones
Eno: Mercedes Prevatt/Aisha Sanyang-Meek
Bo: Greta Gauhe/Paulina Powrollik
Producers: Ania Straczynska, Polly Cuthbert, Ella Kennedy
Costumes: Sophie Donaldson, Nef McHenry
Composer & Sound Designer: Lara Jones
Writing: Daniel Green
Image credit: Zoe Manders

Funded by: Arts Council England
Supported by Croydon Libraries

Doors open: 2:30pm.
Running time: Approx 45mins.
Please note: The running time includes no interval.