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Magic Meets Science at Stanley Arts

Get involved with our spellbinding scientific magic show at Stanley!


Experience a unique and enchanting show with Jack Lenoir. As a scientist-turned-magician, Jack blends his double background to deliver an educational and awe-inspiring performance. Prepare to see the laws of nature bent and broken before your eyes!

This interactive, family-friendly show is designed to captivate audiences of all ages. For the sceptical members of the crowd who might question his supernatural abilities to break the laws of physics, everything he uses will either be borrowed or examined. Jack will have nothing up his sleeves!

Jack Lenoir, a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, with a PhD in Biology, has captivated audiences at exclusive gatherings and science conferences. Don’t miss this magical adventure where science and magic collide.

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This event was made possible thanks to National Lottery players and The National Lottery Heritage Fund through our year long programme of activity.

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