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Little Angel Theatre’s Miniature Travelling Circus

Roll up! Roll up! Take your seats for the smallest circus in town!


George the ringmaster has quite the challenge on their hands. The circus isn’t quite what it once was but even still, George has curated a programme of acts more bedazzling than ever.

But first they must make sure all of the acts are ready to razzle-dazzle. Where on earth is Flop? And why is Smelly Dog making all that fuss?

Join Little Angel’s Miniature Travelling Circus and be delighted by beautiful puppets, nostalgic magic tricks and acts so tiny you may wonder how you can possibly see them! From performing mice to acrobatic fleas – this circus has stars you won’t see anywhere else!

A perfectly pitched delight that keeps its audience, adults included, rapt from start to finish. (…) the production shows a real skill and deep understanding of storytelling for children.
This would make an ideal first show for a child – it’s a great example of just how magical family theatre can be.
– The Stage – 5 Star review

The set and costumes and puppetry were so beautiful and nostalgic and the show was perfectly suited to my 3 year old who was doing all the audience participation, howling with laughter and continually saying loudly ‘What’s going to happen next, Mummy?!’ much to the amusement of the other theatre-going parents.
– Audience member

Written & devised by: Miranda Pitcher & Lizzie Wort
Directed by: Miranda Pitcher
Performed by: xx Puppets
Designed: Lyndie Wright
Book designed by Vicki Fullick
Lighting Designer: Sherry Coenen
Music & Sound design: Julian Butler
Set & Costume design – Miranda Pitcher
Stage Managed by Victoria Porter
Special thanks to Kate Bunce, Simon Plumridge and Valerie Rutt!

Content Information:
Little Angel Theatre’s Miniature Travelling Circus is aimed at ages 3-6. The performer chats with the audience and keeps them engaged with surprises and magic tricks, and there are moments for joining in. There is nothing scary in the show – there is an annoying cat called ‘Scratchy Cat’, but she’s not so bad. Under-3s may not get as much out of the experience, as the show is quite wordy and they may get a little restless as the audience stay in their seats for the 40 minute duration.

Doors open: 15 minutes before performance start.