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Gong & Sound Bath

Experience the power of sacred sound meditation with this Gong Bath. Use it to bring full relaxation or energise your day.

A Gong & Sound Bath is a powerful yet relaxing experience that combines the meditative qualities of gongs and other instruments with the healing properties of sound vibration.

All you need to do is lay down, listen and receive and let the sonic frequencies wash through you, bringing you deep relaxation and a sense of energy to your body, mind and soul. It can also be deeply grounding, energising, clear blockages – promote physical and emotional wellbeing. The reverberations of the gongs can have positive effects on the nervous system and relax sore muscles in your body. Gong baths may also help to stimulate circulation and balance the body’s energy flow, releasing tension from head to toe.

We all get stressed out, but it’s not always obvious how to change this state. We’ve all heard of meditation, but it can be difficult to meditate and do nothing. Therefore this is a great way to relax and reduce stress. The complex sounds of a gong will transcend the brainwaves into an altered state of consciousness, something we do naturally when daydreaming.

Within a sound session, you may have therapeutic benefits as you may enter into into daydreaming, dreamlike, and near sleep states.

Sounds are unique – some compare them with the vision of floating in space, others to diving into the sea – come without expectations and experience for yourself. The universe is within.

It will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected.


No late comers can be admitted once a session has started.

• Please bring a yoga mat or single camping mat, a blanket or sleeping bag to be warm and cosy and maybe a pillow.
• Please wear relaxed clothing, warm socks etc.
• Water to drink or / and some herbal tea.
• It is recommended to not consume alcohol before or after a session.

Precautions for a Sound Bath:
• Pregnancy – not recommended under 3 months, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester
• Tinnitus/Ménière/Epilepsy – any condition of !sound sensitivity” that could be triggered by sound
• Metal Implants/pins/screws/pacemaker etc – gongs can resonate the metal and also change rhythm of pacemaker

If you have any questions of concerns please feel free to contact us in advance.

This is not a medical treatment and you solely take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

About Britta :
I was blown away and fascinated the first time I experienced a gong bath. From that very first moment I was in total awe with these handcrafted instruments. I now can’t imagine life without a gong.

While playing the gongs I channel energy and let that guide me. Every session is unique and can never be repeated, it is what it is in that moment. To me that is like nature, like watching a river or waves in the sea, they come and go, flow by; a scent of a pine tree in the woods, the moment of experience in that one moment, that is but cannot be grasped.

I see myself like a conduit for the sound to come into being. So I am not a healer, but the receiving of the created sound waves and vibrations might stimulate one’s body to activate its own self-healing abilities and positive energy. And all that is what I enjoy to share with others.

You make magic with everything you touch, You touch me!” – Murielle T.

When I hear a Gong I feel like I hear the sound of the Universe.

It streams through my entire body like a reset to energise me.

www.bvb-universe.com (coming soon!)

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