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Family crafting: Create your own floor tile!

Step into a world of creativity at our upcoming family friendly drop in session!

Delve into the art of tile and flooring design, drawing inspiration from the interior of our building or crafting your very own unique pattern. Unleash your imagination and bring your designs to life in this hands-on creative experience suitable for all ages.

This crafty drop in session offers participants to showcase their artistic flair by designing their own floor tile inspired by the Edwardian marble in our gallery. Using a card tile template as a canvas, participants can either draw inspiration from existing architectural features or create entirely original, colourful designs. Once designs are finalised, participants can find a suitable tile on the workshop floor to overlay with their creations. This hands-on approach not only encourages creativity but also fosters a sense of connection to the surrounding environment.

Following the design phase, all completed tiles will be arranged in the designated area to collectively form a vibrant and eclectic floor tile design.

This is a family friend workshop suitable for all ages

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