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Dinner for One Hundred: ‘The Wedding’ w/Sophie Wyburd

Imagine a wedding for the public. Well you don’t have to anymore. On April 14th here at Stanley Arts, Dinner for One Hundred & Sophie Wyburd (MOB) are getting engaged to throw you the dinner for all ages!

We want young and old to mingle and create an atmosphere that feels like a wedding. We also want to create a stage for new people to meet, be it friends or lovers, a table plan will be curated for each and every one of you, so you can leave enriched and excited by the your newly grown community.

Practically speaking this will happen over four courses of glorious food, as well as live performances and games to keep the atmosphere electric. It’s going to be absolutely fantastic.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact @dinnerforonehundred.

The ticket link will be sent out by email on Tuesday the 7th March at 11AM. To get this link you’ll need to sign up on Dinner for One Hundred’s website.


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