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Crystal Palace International Film Festival (CPIFF)

We’re screening the very best independent films from around the world!

We’ll be sharing screenings and the filmmakers will be attending and holding Q&As. View the schedule for all the events taking place at Stanley Arts below:

Sun 5th March

European Premiere
Showbusiness Is My Life, But I Can’t Prove It
(A Film about Gary Mule Deer):
Directed by G.B. Shannon
Comedian Gary Mule Deer’s career has always taken an oddball path. From his start in “show business” at a South Dakota brothel, performing Johnny Cash covers for the awaiting johns, to his over 350 televised performances, his career has been as strange as his comedy itself.Featuring David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien. Steve Martin, Alice Cooper and more..
USA 97m

Directed by Rebekah Fortune
A young couple with Down’s syndrome must overcome prejudice and danger, to try and save the AI baby they want to adopt. A film about the disposability of disability.
UK 12m

This Isn’t Me World Premiere
Directed by Chris Godwin
By day Emma is a successful executive, by night she is plunged into crisis. Struggling with her own sense of identity and stigma at work, she finds salvation in a compassionate nurse.Contains references to self-harm and mental distress which some may find distressing
UK 18m

Sun 12th March

Northern Quality UK Premiere
Directed by Tuukka Matti Johannes Temonen
An hilarious romp of a movie. Finnish farming family struggles to make ends meet. With the promise of an end to their financial strife, they switch crops to a field of cannabis. But their problems have only begun.
Finland 105m

Yaffa 11
Directed by Hassan Kadan
Darwish, an Arab-Israeli teenager is struggling to figure out his place in the world. Estranged from his conservative Muslim father, and squatting on a dilapidated boat, he dreams of a new start abroad away from Arab-Israeli conflict.
Israel 16m

Vera’s Jump
Diredted by Анна Мифтахова
Vera has no confidence in herself. However, for the parachuting instructor to like her, she decides to jump. She jumps too late and endangers her life.
Russia 12m

Weds 22nd March

The Bridge
Directed by Rodrigue Hammal
The Bridge is about two strangers who meet on a bridge in an unprecedented situation. The events go completely different from their expectations.
Canada 25m

Smile World Premiere
Directed by Jo Smyth
Smile, starring Sue Vincent and Catrin Stewart, is about a woman in her fifties who has to navigate her way through a sexual assault, and corrosive everyday sexism.
UK 14m

Directed by Imogen Harrison
Lara is a top surgeon at King’s College Hospital in London in the middle of a global pandemic. As life returns to normal, Lara’s pace of life does not slow down and her work/life imbalance continues..
UK 13m

So What Did We Learn Today, Georgina?
Directed by Franco Volpi
Georgina, a curious and energetic 10-year-old, has a lot to say about her day at school while her mum is busy preparing supper. But something Georgina overheard today is on her mind; a word she doesn’t know.
UK 6m

Directed by Sinéad O’Loughlin
An ordinary day takes a sinister turn for a woman and her child when a stranger walks into their isolated rural home.
Ireland 15m

Split or Steal
Directed by Jack Bailey
Flashing lights, nervous contestants and a host with a permanent grin. It’s the final part of the nation’s favourite gameshow
UK 7m

Walls Like Windows
Directed by Werner Vivier
When Maggie invites a stranger into her home, she is confronted with the very thing she has been trying to avoid.
UK 12m

Raja’s Had Enough London Premiere
Directed by Ekaterina [Katia] Saiapina
Raja is a creature in human form working at The Afterlife Bureau, where souls are processed after their death. Fed up after years of processing femicide victims, Raja sneaks to Earth to save a stranger Zoey from her upcoming murder.
UK 11m

Sat 25th March

Murder Never Looked So Good World Premiere
Directed by Jerry Chater
Detective Mindy Feuker interrogates suspect Gail Lanvers regarding the disappearance of Gail’s roommate.
UK 7m

Bleep World Premiere
Directed by Ben S. Hyland
A couple’s relationship is pushed to the brink as they investigate a strange noise that’s woken them in the night.
UK 8m

HaHaHaHa (Don’t you just know it)
Directed by Max Ksjonda
Music producers recycled a sample from the 1958 US hit Don’t you just know it by Huey Piano Smith
Ukraine 3m

Guess What’s Coming to Dinner London Premiere
Directed by Evan Pitt-Payne
In the near future, a man struggles to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is dating an android.
Canada 9m

Indifference World Premiere
Directed by BigN
Two muppets have an ‘Indifferent’ relationship!
UK 4m

Borgo the Thinker World Premiere
Directed by Max Ward
A documentary crew from 8,000 B.C. meets with Borgo, the tribe’s brightest mind, as he is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough.
UK 6m

Do Not Touch
Directed by James Newman, Harrison Newman
An adulterer who discovers his one-night stand is now the subject of an art exhibition to which his girlfriend has tickets. He must destroy the artwork before it destroys his relationship.
UK 8m

“Julia” London Premiere
Directed by Jack Donnelly
Touring actors, Jasper and Dario walk into a peculiar setup. Unintentionally they inflate tensions with their odd host when one causes a blow-up between him and his unusual ‘wife’.
UK 7m

Anonymity Guaranteed European Premiere
Two men are brought together through a website whose purpose is not what it seems.
USA 12m

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Tickets are priced from £10 for screening events. We’ll also be organising a Chinese takeaway, visit the link here to find more information and to order your food.
£25 ticket is the cost to attend the Awards & Comedy night (25th March) with Andy Zaltman! This includes a glass of bubbles and fabulous food all night long!

Doors open: 7pm

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