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CREW: Madam Interpreter

A court interpreter is forced to confront an unexpected case—but who speaks for the one who must transform the words of others? Some things are difficult to translate…

This new short play by Chandrika Patel was born out of our Croydon Emerging Writers Programme (CREW), which started late last year and was run through lockdown by our colleagues at Disentangle.

Chandrika has now spent more time expanding and developing this unique story with support from director Gavin Joseph and a cast including the talented Liz Jadav and Charlotte Blandford. There will be a Q&A with the director and actors after the show providing audiences with a unique chance to learn more about the creative process behind the development of new plays and stories.

This is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN theatre event.

Madam Interpreter

If there is Junoon (madness) in Love, Sukoon (peace) in Friendship, what is there in Coercive Control?

The Judgement Day is nigh and Mrs Shah wonders as Big Eyes looks for answers in prayer.

Chandrika Patel is a Croydon-based writer, wellbeing practitioner and performance enthusiast. Her first play Riots was chosen for the 2012 International Playwriting festival and performed at the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon. In 2015, she published her first book ‘The Taste of British South Asian Theatres’ studying the aesthetics of British Asian performances in the UK.