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Commons 24: Introduction to Waacking Workshop

London Waacking Movement presents An Introduction to Waacking. 

Come along for a class of arm technique, posing, groove and soul steps, and dramatic performance. 

Waacking is a dance style born from Punking in the 70s on the East Coast of the U.S., created by gay men of colour. Still a safe space for many, London Waacking Movement invites you to delve into this vibrant queer dance, find your inner diva, and perform your heart out.

About London Waacking Movement

London Waacking Movement is a group of 5 waackers from a diverse range of backgrounds. They are a community-centered collective, focussed on growing and creating spaces for the waacking community in London. The group regularly organises jams, workshops, and club nights. Their values lie in freedom of expression, club culture, and individuality.

Jade, also known as The Lionesse, is one of London Waacking Movement’s founders. She is a battle cat who has her own unique blend of waacking and soul dance.

Aikid, also known as Waackid, is another of London Waacking Movement’s founders. As the king of drama, he always brings a great show to the room

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