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Join us this July for a very special occasion: the first anniversary of Colosseum!


Witness a compelling, emotionally-driven professional wrestling extravaganza as it delves into the past to recover its roots and bring this ancient tradition back to form.

Featuring an all-star roster including Warren Banks, Regina Rosendahl, Connor Mills, Jakk Sellstrom, Iestyn Rees, Hannah Taylor and KM Lane.

Great atmosphere, 100% would come again and recommend to friends
Colosseum Pro is a company that is going to be a key player in the British Wrestling scene!
It’s so much fun, everyone is loving it, we are cheering, shouting, booing, everything is absolutely incredible!

Doors open at 5pm, show runs from 6pm to 8:30pm, followed by a Meet & Greet!

Facebook: ColosseumPro IG: @colosseumprowrestling Tik Tok: colosseumpro Twitter: colosseumpro Youtube: @colosseumwrestling

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