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Colosseum Wrestling is back at Stanley Arts! Join us to witness the debuts of titans and the conclusion of fierce rivalries!


Featuring an all-star roster including Warren Banks, Jakk Sellstrom, Ayesha Raymond, The 87, Regina Rosendahl, Joel Redman, Kira Chimera & Levi Muir!

Great atmosphere, 100% would come again and recommend to friends.
Colosseum Pro is a company that is going to be a key player in the British Wrestling scene!
It’s so much fun, everyone is loving it, we are cheering, shouting, booing, everything is absolutely incredible!

Suitable for ages: For all ages, under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
Meet & Greet is available after the show finishes at 3:30pm in The Gallery.
Doors open: 12pm.

Facebook: ColosseumPro
IG: @colosseumprowrestling
Tik Tok: colosseumpro
Twitter: colosseumpro
Youtube: @colosseumwrestling

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