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The Beyond Kiki

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A fan of Paris is Burning or Pose?
The Beyond Ball is here to Honour the great matriarchal power of the universe and will be in honour of our angel Elie Che.
Spectators come in your flirtatious pink and regal purple as there might be an opportunity for you to snatch a grand prize. 🤫
Doors open for public at 5pm
LSS will start at 6pm
Spectator Tickets available NOW !!
£15 online and £20 on door on the day !
If you’re walking please email ydj_babatope@me.com for Walker’s tickets. (Doors open for walkers at 4pm).
Just over a month to the ball, do your best & let’s have a Kiki.
Brenda Versace ⚜️
UK Mother Diva Louboutin 👠
European Mother Zion Bodega 🅱️
European Princess of seduction Maji Campbell ☪️
Sakeema 007
DJ drybabe & DJ kid rose
Vogue Fem
Sex Siren
Best Dressed Spectator
tag team Realness
commentator vs commentator
Baby Vogue
all American
European runway
Old Way
New Way
shake that a$$
arms vs hands
vogue femme – Own your c**t, express your femininity , own your pussy. Bring it in a sexy cat suit.
The judges must see you and instantly know you are giving pussy meow 🐈‍⬛
OTA Sex siren – are you done with the patriarchy?
Are you tired of weak men always policing how and what woman do … well if you are bring it in your sexiest dominatrix effect and exude sex and power command the room. – mandatory whip.
OTA Face – you have the face ? … can you sell it? Can you make us gag ? If so, bring it to the floor in all white with mandatory angel wings, as tribute to our angels you have come to serve pure ethereal ascended face.
OTA Tag team couples realness
This category can only be walk by members of the lgbtq+ community
Bring it to the floor as Mr & Mrs
An opulent couple and references the trans pride flag in your effect
Commentator vs commentator
The word is “Elie”
Wake the room up with our sisters name in your chant.
Your own chants please, no copyrights* 😉
Best Dressed Spectator – now I know we love to watch but here is your chance to take part if you know you can pull a sickening lewk from the colours of the theme pink and/or purple you all know the theme. Now sissy that walk!
Baby vogue OTA – new comer on the scene
This category is calling for a Bangy girl EFFECT and let us see how Bangy you are, in performance.
All American runway – it is the first day of fashion week and you’ve just be casted for a major show Combining A sickening walk with a Ovah Effect. Mandatory effect must include a train.
European runway – understanding the effect we humans have on the current state of the planet (over fishing , deforestation , ect…)Mother Nature is dying and reincarnating as poison ivy, to reclaim all that is owed to her. Combining A sickening walk with a Ovah Effect
bring it in a look inspired by poison ivy.
(Batman poison ivy reference image)
New way – it is 1970 and disco is taking over the world bring it in a look inspired by your favourite disco queen (Donna summer, Candi Stanton to name a few … ) and merge a disco move in your new way. Make us gag.
Old way – take me back
Take me back
Take me back to the legendary way.
old way you have embarked on a journey of time and you are visiting those who paved the way.
to fuel your time machine you have to offer the great goddess a demo in her image bring it to the blood inspired by the Egyptian goddess Isis and show everyone that you! know the legendary way.
Shake that a$$– the category is mapouka, hailing from the Cote d’Ivoire, also known as “la dance du fessier,” or “dance of the behind,” bring it in traditional fabric from west African around your waist and shake the room as the women of ivory coast.
Arms vs hands– paying homage to legendary deja laperla – boogoola cunt ! Bring it to the floor it in white and an ovah prop and gag us as deja did in the battle against Snow White Milan.
Twister – “Twister twister what you gonna do ?”
Come serve your realness holding a picture of a fem queen your twist performance is going to be inspired by. Your effect must have the colour red incorporated in it.
Ballroom acronyms:
BQ – Butch Queen
FF – Female Figure
OTA – Open to all
RWT – Realness with a Twist
VF – Vogue Femme
FQ – Femme Queen
Anyone is welcome to take part in this Kiki ball, but if you’re new to Ballroom culture and want to walk any category, please do your research. 💛✨
Uk father Bodega
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