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Arcadia | Installations

  • Date Apr 7
  • Time 2:00 pm till 8:00 pm
  • Tickets Free
  • AgesAll ages

Two incredible installations will be open throughout the festival for you to explore freely.

 Cultivate Croydon

A visual arts and textual exploration of what Croydon’s green space means to the borough; about what it can be; and what it might become. Led by young activists who participate in tree planting, litter picking, and other eco-friendly interventions throughout Croydon. 

Created collaboratively between Croydon Youth Assembly transformation group and Fables Creative


You’re invited to decode communication received from an off planet species and learn about their world. Inspired by the Voyager Golden Records sent into space in the 1970s, this playful installation asks the question – what can we learn from other ways of being? What is out there? And would we be able to understand each other, or would we just go HUH!?!

HUH?! Is being developed by Jesper Pedersen (Denmark), Produced Moon (Scotland) and Boundless (England) alongside designers, linguists, architects, scientists, alien trackers and behavioural psychologists.
For Arcadia we’ve been working with young creatives: Michael, Umar, Purity, Kathryn and Katie. They have created a fantasy world many lightyears away for you to explore: GOF.
Designed by Min-Chien Feng, scenographer and interior designer working in theatre, film and interior design.

Opening times:

Thursday 4 April, 5.30 – 10pm (Cultivate Croydon only)
Friday 5 April, 5pm – 10pm
Saturday 6 April, 10am – 7.30pm
Sunday 7 April, 2pm – 8pm.

The Boundless Box

The Boundless Box is a pop-up creative space to learn, create, and share work and will be  installed in our Yard throughout the Arcadia Festival for you to visit.

Come inside to experience the sound installation ‘Field Recording’. Be transported by sound into a natural environment with tranquil birdsong and other sounds we don’t always notice but are always present in nature. Made by artist Claude Heiland-Allen and curator, artist and researcher Laura Netz. Claud is interested in the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics. Laura launched her independent record label EAM Elektronische-art-and-music and is an active participant in the hacker community.

You’ll also be able to experience a presentation of Croydon artist Skye Baker’s newly commissioned artwork inspired by Arcadia, the climate and nature emergency and the potential that positive action can have in Croydon.  The artwork is coming soon to the Whitgift Centre in Croydon. Skye’s freelance practice consists of editorial illustrations, comics, album covers and murals using a combination of hand drawn and digital methods. She is inspired by people, play, psychology, social justice and observational storytelling.  Her clients have included Westfield, Network Rail, Turf Projects, Tutti Frutti Theatre company and Croydon Council.

Part of Arcadia, a creative and interactive festival taking place Thu 4 – Sun 7 April, sparking conversation, the imagination and activism to ‘re-forest’ our minds and places.

Check out the full Arcadia programme here.

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