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Arcadia Art Workshop

Join our Arcadia Art Workshop this October half-term. 

Are you passionate about the environment and eager to make a positive impact on our planet? Join a free workshop for young climate-conscious creatives and explore what art and environment mean to you.

We’re looking for 14 – 25 year olds in Croydon to contribute to our exciting Arcadia project. This free eco-conscious arts workshop run by Trapped in Zone One will inspire you to turn everyday recyclables into art, and raise awareness about Climate Action.

The workshops will in part be inspired by the work of Andrea Bowers and her ‘Eco grief extinction series,’ where she uses a patchwork of cardboard to create large pieces which she then draws and paints on top of.

  • Bring along recycled material for an upcycle activity to raise awareness about Climate Action. This can include items such as cardboard, junk mail, old magazines, and tetra pak containers which will be put together to create placards.
  • Research local activists who are fighting to be a creative force for change and come up with your own response
  • Collaborate on mini-mural projects that showcase the collective strength of youth-driven change

Tuesday 24th in Stanley Hall 2-4pm

Thursday 26th in Scene Dock 2-4pm. Please note this workshop is for under 18’s only.

This is a two hour workshop.

A Stanley Arts & Boundless Theatre project delivered by Trapped in Zone One, funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation

About Trapped in Zone
Trapped in Zone One is a registered London based arts collective, with a passion for the arts and culture, adding that artistic touch to communities in real-time cultural insight.

Our aim is to engage with young people and the wider community, building relationships to improve the health and wellbeing of diverse communities through creative practices, working alongside young people in schools, hosting workshops, curating public murals, via a diverse range of partnerships with local and national organisations.

We passionate about supporting artists, whether it’s their first steps in the art world or if they’re established already, combining different possibilities of artistic mediums and installations.

Through our work we offer workplace opportunities to young people, summer work placement to students to enhance their employment knowledge of what is like to work in the not-for-profit sector participating in projects across the borough working with people of all faiths and background.

Since 2017 we have been proud ambassadors of GreatArt and host free to access creative projects to young people and the wider community, to create a togetherness amongst cultures for a better society.