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Beginners Vogue Femme workshop

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This workshop is a beginners introduction to Vogue Femme. Vogue Femme has become one of the most anticipated categories at any ball. Learn the five elements of vogue femme – catwalk, duckwalk, hands performance, floor performance, spins & dips. 

Artist: U.K. King Mother Kyle London Juicy Couture (@kylelondonnn)

Artist Biography:  With his ballet, jazz and contemporary technique guiding his fluid style of vogue fem. Kyle is well known for his spins and hand performance. Kyle has graced the stage with artists such as Sam Smith, whilst also appearing in music videos, on fashion week runway’s and global commercial campaigns. Kyle’s contribution in ballroom not only lays within performance, his natural leadership has also aided in the development of a number of scene’s regionally and internationally , by hosting classes, commentating and MC’ing at functions as well as judging and holding panel talks.

Duration: 1 hour

About House of Juicy Couture UK:

Founded in 2009 by Iconic Founding Mother Courtney Juicy Couture, The Iconic House of Juicy Couture is an International Kiki house known for their hard work, tenacity and bringing to the runway every single time. The U.K. chapter always bring the heat and the energy, expanding the Juicy legacy. The UK chapter are known throughout the U.K. ballroom scene and have walked multiple balls internationally, hosted balls in the U.K. and performed at events such as U.K. Black Pride.

Who got the Juice? #TheJuicyWay


This event is part of our COMMONS dance festival. To see the full programme, visit this event page.

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